New & Improved!

I am so excited to announce my new and improved website!  Along with my website, I have revamped my pricing and session offerings as well as my print packages.  I now offer some great specialty products as well!  Come check out my new website, and remember to follow me on Facebook if you haven't already.

On a side note -- I will now be doing most of my blogging on my website.  I may keep this blog up as well, but time will tell if I can keep up with both pages. 

Jaxson {baby milestones}

Jaxson is almost 4 months old, and I think he has a future as a ladies' man. Just look at those gorgeous baby blues!

 photo wm_e-0897_zps01e0c879.jpg

 photo wm_e-0901_zpsb34739ad.jpg

 photo wm_e-0909_bw_zps2b96eb67.jpg

 photo wm_e-0918_zpsa961f938.jpg

 photo wm_e-0934_zps1ad716ea.jpg

 photo wm_e-0941_zps345ca612.jpg

 photo wm_e-0949_zpsee86b91b.jpg

 photo wm_e-0961_bw_zpsf0a4dd6d.jpg

Malachi {newborn photographer}

This sweet baby boy may have taken his sweet time in arriving to his loving family, but I would wager it was well worth the wait. At 6 days new, it's quite obvious his big sister is already his best friend, and mom and dad could not be more in love.

 photo wm_e-0720_crop_zps0a07a614.jpg

 photo wm_e-0723_bw_zps9484cbca.jpg

 photo wm_e-0749_zpsb44a31b3.jpg

 photo wm_e-0791_bw_zpsa6b7d588.jpg

 photo wm_e-0797_zpsdf2eaf5b.jpg

 photo wm_e-0814_zps4fbef5c4.jpg

 photo wm_e-0826_zps642e1851.jpg

 photo wm_e-0833_bwcrop_zps32d98141.jpg

 photo wm_e-0836_crop_zps866dd51b.jpg

 photo wm_e-0842_zps751a5193.jpg

 photo wm_e-0853_zpsc57710f3.jpg

 photo wm_e-0865_zpscb425518.jpg

 photo wm_e-0875_bw_zps5e310faa.jpg

 photo wm_e-0883_bw_zpsa6948859.jpg